SHE CAN SHOOT DFW offers firearms training for both women, men and families. We've pioneered the understanding of how firearms training can be a catalyst for creating or restoring confidence and strength. Our national training team has many years of professional firearms training experience including federal law enforcement, defensive, military, tactical shooting, and archery.


As the DFW Chapter President, Sam brings her exclusive training as a former United States Secret Service Agent and NRA Certified Instructor to the DFW. Get the inside edge and a leg up on your firearms training and enroll as one of Sam's training clients today! 

Sam Horwitz

Learn from the only former female United States Secret Service Agent firearms instructor in the DFW area. Read her amazing story. Click here.

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"Thanks for a great class! You led us through all the most important points … and I especially appreciated the lesson on cleaning the firearm. I loved the interactive classroom experience. The range portion of the class is also great. You make it very comfortable to get used to being at the range and to shooting. Very hands on experience … and very enjoyable. Great time. Thank you very much!"  ​

Carolyn C.

  • Fmr. United States Secret Service Agent
  • Fmr. Lt. Montgomery County Department of Police
  • NRA Certified Instructor & Life Member
  • Executive Protection
  • Control Tactics
  • Certified Texas Department of Public Safety LTC Instructor


“ Sam is fantastic, could not ask for a better leader!!! ”

Stacie K

"The class was wonderful!  I have gone to ranges and shot in the past and always felt nervous and uncomfortable. I had only had bad experiences. After taking the class, being able to ask my questions, and become familiar with the gun, I was able to enter the range confidently and had the best time! I can't wait to get back in there and shoot some more!"

Jessica H.