Gun ranges may typically be considered a man’s territory, but Bullet Trap is pulling the trigger on stereotypes and hosting a series of events aimed at introducing women to firearms. Read more ...

Plano Star Courrier Features She Can Shoot DFW
She Can Shoot DFW Featured By The Blue Ribbon News

“ Wonderful experience to be coached by Sam and learn from a real pro! ”


Jean S





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"Thanks for a great class! Perfect not only for beginners, but I think that even more experienced shooters wanting a great refresher would benefit. You led us through all the most important points … and I especially appreciated the lesson on cleaning the firearm.


I loved the interactive classroom experience. So much better than just sitting and listening to a lecture. I also like that you limit it to a small number of participants. The range portion of the class is also great. You make it very comfortable to get used to being at the range and to shooting. Very hands on experience … and very enjoyable.


Thank you very much!"

Carolyn C

"The class was wonderful!  I have gone to ranges and shot in the past and always felt nervous and uncomfortable.  I had only had bad experiences. After taking the class, being able to ask my questions, and become familiar with the gun, I was able to enter the range confidently and had the best time!  I can't wait to get back in there and shoot some more!"

Jessica H

“This is a MUST for any lady wanting a group where questions, experience, confidence and fears regarding firearms are handled with respect. All sorts of women were there for my first meeting. I look forward to attending more and doing some private training with Sam - she is a wonderful instructor. Very inspiring. ”


Dana O