Texas License To Carry & PRE-LTC PREP

The TX License To Carry is designed for those who own and already have the basic knowledge of operating a handgun. You must be able to load your magazine, load your firearm, and send the slide forward, chambering a round.

If you are interested in obtaining your Texas License To Carry and need specific prepatory traning Sam can provide that for you. The LTC Prep class is a one-of-a kind in the DFW area. Sam will prepare you for the shooting proficiency portion of the licensing process. You will walk away with the knowlege, skills, and attitute to successfully obtain your LTC!

Individual 1 on 1 coaching and Special group rates available.

BasicS of Pistol Shooting

Everything you need to know to successfully operate a firearm. Grip, stance, sight-alignment, breathing, trigger control. etc.

This course is geared for those who have little or no knowledge of shooting or operating a handgun.  ​ Individual 1 on 1 coaching.



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​Special group rates available.

Intro To Handguns

This class is designed for those who are new firearm owners. It is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of a semi-automatic pistol.

This course will provide a thorough introduction to firearms safety, handling, and shooting skills. Quality is key. That's why this is being offered as a semi-private course open to 6 people at a time.  


**Participants are responsible for providing their own pistol and ammunition (Pistol can be rented at the range and ammunition can be purchased

at the range)

Gun Care & Cleaning


This is one of the most important skills as a gun owner. A well cleaned and maintained firearm

will last forever!


Whether you have a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol you'll want to know how to break-down and clean your firearms.

Women's Situational Awareness

No one wants to be a victim. We learn hands on self defense skills if it happens, but what if we could prevent an attack all together?


This is what's called Situational Awareness. Whether you're single, maried, out with your kids, or you have a profession that has you out oif the office meeting with clients alone. This unique and interactive course will provide you the keys to personal safety. As a bonus Sam provides her Top 10 list of personal protection must haves. This is an important skill you should have in your toolbox. It could save your life!

Group rates available


 Home Safety & Defense

Sam covers they key elements and laws related to firearms safety in the home and in the workplace. She recreates scenarios in her "mock house" and allows each student to experience what it is like to "defend" their home. 

 *A custom designed "plan of action" tailored to your home/ business is available and it includes a thorough site inspection of your home / business.