Situational Awareness

No one wants to be a victim. We can learn hands on self defense skills to use if it happens, but what if we could prevent an attack all together?


This is what's called Situational Awareness. Whether you're single, married, out with your kids, on vacation, or you have a profession that has you out of the office meeting with clients alone. This unique and interactive course will provide you the keys to personal safety. In this 2 hour course you will learn:

  • How to use your physical location as an advantage against an attack

  • How to avoid becoming a target

  • How to be smart with Social Media

  •  And much more!


As a bonus Sam provides her Top 10 list of personal protection must haves.


Situational Awareness is an important skill you should have in your toolbox.


It could save your life!

Cost: $30 per person