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That's right. get your Texas License to Carry ONLINE. Did you know that Texas approved online education for the classroom portion of the Texas License to Carry?


Did you know that most of those other LTC courses require you to do the classroom and shooting proficiency on 2 different days? Did you know that in those other LTC courses it can take up to 6 months to schedule your shooting proficiency? And that's on top of the time to submit your paperwork. Isn't your time more valuable than that? She Can Shoot DFW's Texas License To Carry is an ONLINE course. It was specifically designed for those who don't have the time to sit in a classroom all day. 


In order to complete your LTC you must complete the shooting proficiency in addition to the online course. You must already have the basic knowledge of operating a handgun. You must be able to load your magazine, load your firearm, and send the slide forward, chambering a round.

.22 caliber ammunition or higher is required. 

For specifics on the LTC course visit TheTexasLTConline.com   

Cost: $49 per person**